Marathon Day Checklist

Marathon Day Checklist

Make sure you're ready for your next marathon!
Marathon Day Checklist

Racing season is underway. It seems that there is some sort of race or event happening every weekend around us. Well with 3 of the biggest marathons coming up in the state, Discover Your Happy goes over some Marathon Race Day tips and tricks.

Whether it is your first race, or you are a racing veteran, we have some tips and tricks to help you plan ahead to avoid the pitfalls of forgeting things before a race! Whether you're running a local race, road-tripping a couple hours away, or traveling hundreds of miles to an exotic locale, our runner's race checklists have you covered.

Before You Fall Asleep

1)Pin your bib number to the shirt or singlet you plan to wear on race day.
2)Attach the timing chip to your shoe.
3)Lay out all the clothing and gear that you plan to put on the next morning, head to toe, including watch or GPS.
4)If you've brought a special food or drink for breakfast, make sure it's ready to go.
5)Set out anything else you'll need in the morning, such as petroleum jelly or body lube, sunscreen, Band-Aids or nipple shields, contact-lens solution, sunglasses, and energy gels.
6)If you'll be carrying a gear-check bag to the start, prepack as much as you can. Include extra gloves, hat, and so on if there's even a tiny chance you might need them. Hang your bag from the doorknob so it will be impossible to miss on your way out.
•Other Items to carry with: chapstick, gum, tic tacs, or any other misc items. Maybe even some extra $$ if needed.
7)Review your map or directions to the start, to be sure you know where you'll be going-and about how long it will take you to get there.
8)Arrange for two methods of waking up: The alarm on your running watch and/ or cell phone, and a wake-up call from the front desk or from a friend.
9)Be hydrating your body! Drink 4-6 ounces of water every hour until you go to bed.

Marathon Morning

1)Hydrate! Continue to sip on water/Gatorade the morning before the race. Always have a water bottle in hand and be sipping the morning away.
2)Eat - according to the schedule which has worked for you in the long runs
3)If you have several hours at race site before start, stay warm, get off your feet and relax.
4)Thirty minutes before the start, walk around for 15 minutes to get the legs moving.
5)Keep the legs moving, in place if necessary, as you stand waiting for the start.
6)If you feel warm, pour water over your head at each water stop.
7)Each walk break gives you a chance to appreciate and enjoy every mile.
8)When tired shorten your stride.
9)Don't stretch during the run or immediately afterward.
10)Carry Tums with you. If you start cramping these are a good quick solution to cure cramps!!

Immediately Afterward

1)Grab water and food
2)Walk, eat and drink..don’t just stop and sit down. Keep moving and hydrating!!!

Like we mentioned before, we have some big races coming up! We want to know which ones you will be at…Coming up we have Nebo Half and Full Marathon (, Big Cottonwood Half and Full Marathon, Top of Utah Marathon and the St George Marathon. If you have any specific questions about getting ready for race day, feel free to contact us at or find us on Facebook, Discover Your Happy! Good luck and Happy Racing!!!!
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