Lemon Crepe Cakes

Lemon Crepe Cakes

Marcee, from Dippidee, makes Lemon Crepe Cakes.

Lemon Crepe Cake

Crepe Batter:

6 Tbsp butter

3 cups Evaporated Milk

6 eggs, 1 ½ cups flour

7 Tbsp sugar

1 tsp salt


In a small pan, melt the butter until lightly browned; remove from heat and set aside.

In a large bowl using your electric mixer at a low speed, mix together the eggs, flour, sugar and salt. Slowly add the milk and browned butter.

Using a nonstick or lightly oiled 8 inch crepe pan over medium-low heat. Evenly distribute approximately 3 tablespoons Crepe Batter; swirl to cover the surface of the pan. Cook approximately 1 minute or just until the bottom of the crepe becomes lightly browned. Using your clean fingers, gently and carefully turn the crepe over and continue cooking a minute longer. Cook on the other side of the crepe no longer than 5 seconds. Remove the cooked crepe onto a prepared baking sheet (do not stack the crepes on top of each other). Should yield about 20 crepes.

Lemon Cream Filling

1 8oz cream cheese softened

1 can sweetened condensed milk

¼ cup lemon juice

1 Tbsp vanilla

1 small container whipped topping


Beat softened cream cheese until smooth, combine with sweetened condensed milk. Add lemon juice and vanilla, beat until smooth. Add small container of whipped topping.

Place crepe on platter. Spread about ¼ cup of lemon cream over crepe. Layer another crepe. Continue doing this until you have 20 crepes, leaving the last crepe plain. Now use fresh lemons, and cream to decorate the top layer. ENJOY!!


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