How to Shop Online

How to Shop Online

Blogger Rachel Porter was here to tell us some tips about shopping online!
Blogger Rachel Porter was here to show us how to shop online.

Online shopping has truly taken the shopping experience to the next level! Who doesn't want to relax on the couch, buy some cute things, then have it delivered to their doorstep? On top of that, there are so many shops and boutiques that are exclusively online only, so we definitely don't want to miss out on the cuteness.

1. Measure yourself

-the alternative to trying things on at the store!! do this to avoid disappointment and making returns.

-bust, waist, hip, inseam

-pants? Just worry about hip

-dress? Worry about it all

2. Search for coupon codes
-lots of random coupons out there!

-join email lists! Sometimes they give discounts

3. Wait till a holiday/special day

-Stores will make any excuse to have a promotion. It draws consumer interest.

-there are always specials going on. Even on Father's day or Labor Day, you name it!

4. Try to get free shipping

-Is it a flat rate? Free? Free after spending a certain $ amount? The more you buy, the more $ shipping?

-check return policy! Is it free? Can you take it to a store? Do you have to pay?

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