Hot Dish: Yikes! Would You Wear Meggings?

Hot Dish: Yikes! Would You Wear Meggings?

Mens fashion has evolved over the years, but fashion experts say the evolution should stop here. Womens leggings for men, aptly named meggings.
Meggings (Male Leggings) Are Here. But Who Is Wearing Them?

The new Uniqlo meggings retail for around $24

After years of never-ending "leggings as pants" debate (are they suitable for work? Should your shirt cover your butt? Are jeggings more or less acceptable? Are they bad for you?), spandex pants as day wear are now being introduced to a new customer: men.

Yes, the questionable bottoms are being stretched to new proportions as high-end designers as well as mass retailers like Nike, and Urban Outfitters market leggings for male customers. Lenny Kravitz,Russell Brand, and even Justin Bieber wear man leggings (meggings), but are everyday dudes really interested in stretch pants? For more, watch today's Daily Dish!

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