Help for Weekend Warrior Pain

Help for Weekend Warrior Pain

The Utah Chronic Pain Center can help weekend warriors with the pain they feel come Monday morning.
Did you wake up Monday feeling sore? Mandy Johnson A.P.R.N., patient Sean Nelson and Dr. Brett Luddington came to Daily Dish to discuss being a weekend warrior! And how LightForce laser therapy at Utah Chronic Pain Center can help.

Being a weekend warrior is when we use our bodies on the weekend in a completely different way than we do the rest of the week. For example, bending over weeding the flower beds for hours or mowing lawns.

Now the good news is that we usually heal but sometimes that can take a long time and there really is no reason to put up with it. The Utah Chronic Pain Center can use the LightForce Laser to speed up the healing process and immediately reduce the pain. 

The laser therapy is a technologically advanced treatment that uses light energy to accelerate your body's own natural healing processes to help speed recovery and get you back in action. That's why LightForce laser is so popular with professional athletes. They get an injury and they heal as fast as possible so they can perform again.

Sean has a desk job throughout the week but on weekends he remodels homes....putting up drywall, framing and doing tile work and it all strains his body, particularly his shoulder. He tore a rotator cuff muscle in his shoulder and had to have it reattached. The LightForce laser really helped him get out of pain and heal faster so that he could get back to working again. 

Utah Chronic Pain Center has a special offer for our viewers today. Receive a comprehensive medical examination and 2 pain relieving LightForce laser therapy treatments for $99.

Utah Chronic Pain Center is at 1265 East Fort Union Blvd., Suite 110 in Midvale.

For more information call 1-800-NO-PAIN (6672) or visit:
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