Hashimoto's Low Thyroid

Hashimoto's Low Thyroid

See how Dr. Redd's clinic is changing the lives of women who are affected by Hashimoto's disease
Dr. Joshua Redd, Chiropractic Physician, from Red River Health and Wellness Center, came with Sarah Gardner, a patient at the Red River Clinic to talk about Hashimoto's Disease

Inability to lose weight
intestinal issues
brain fog
heart palpitations
joint pain

The Red River Clinic has two locations
South Jordan 801-446-2822 
St George, Ut. 435-767-9355 and put

And visit www.lowthyroid101.com for more information.

Read Sarah's story and see how treatment at Red River Clinic is changing her life!

"It all basically started in spring of 2010. I was feeling overly tired and low on energy which was not like me at all. So I went to see my doctor. Knowing that my mother has hypothyroid, they decided to give me a blood test. Sure enough that's what they diagnosed and gave me thyroid medicine. At first it helped a lot. But after a couple months it got worse. So they upped my dose and I was fine again. But only for another few months until it got worse. At this point I weighed close to 100 pounds.

It was in September/October that same year that I began feeling my worst. I started gaining weight I couldn't keep off no matter how healthy I ate or how often I exercised. I reached my all time high of 130 pounds. I was always exhausted and had body aches. (Which my new doctor would later diagnose as fibromyalgia). Even my cycles began to be irregular.

But the worst was how much I began to sleep. I needed at least 10 hours of sleep a night. I would wake up and go to work for about five hours, come home and sleep until dinner, then go right back to bed til the next morning. I was averaging 16-18 hrs of sleep a day. I was too tired to do anything!

With all of these physical side effects there were emotional side effects as well. Obviously being discouraged, depressed, and the tension and stress it was causing in my new marriage. I struggled and struggled trying new doses until we ended up moving to st George Utah in spring 2012.

Upon moving things got a little bit better because I went gluten free and had a more flexible schedule that allowed me to take naps. And while gluten free helped me to get down to 122lbs. I still wasn't feeling any better. Which was more important than the weight loss so we started looking for a new doctor. At this time I was experiencing night sweats and fevers almost every night, extreme fatigue, and body aches. I was even falling asleep standing up in public places.

Then we met Dr Swindle Hurst and decided to give him a try. I lost 5 lbs the first  week and began feeling better. My body aches have been cut in half. My night sweats and fevers are non existent and I am back down to a healthy weight of 110 pounds. I was able to get off my allergy meds (which i have been taking my entire life) my headaches are few, and i was able to kick the habit of diet coke. I have three more months in the program. It hasn't been easy and I've still got a long way to go but the results have been worth it!"

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