Father's Day Fun Finds

Father's Day Fun Finds

Get the perfect gift for dad this Father's Day.
Hurricane Canless air system
Save thousands of dollars, one O2 Hurricane is equal to over 1,000 cans of canned air
Uses only the air you breathe, do difluoroethane and no hydroflourocarbons
No inhalation or frostbite health hazards, no danger of explosion or flash fires.
Can be used in the office, workshops, cars, on antiques, silk plants, electronics, computers… basically anywhere you need to get rid of dust, dirt and debris

Website: http://www.canlessair.com/

Cost: Original $99.95 Industrial Unit $109.95

Urbanears – Plattan Headphones
Full size headphone with rich secluded sound
Can be folded down to size of your fist for maximum mobility
Has a “ZoundPlug” so a friend can plug in and enjoy your music with you
Comes in a variety of non-traditional colors, coral, olive, petrol, pumpkin, tomato, indigo, cream, grape, dark grey, black and white

Website: http://www.urbanears.com/headphones/plattan/plattan

Cost: $59.00

SuperTooth HD Voice – In-Car Speakerphone
Bluetooth car speakerphone
SEVERAL different languages! You select which you want to talk with
Hands free driving
No installation, just clip to visor
Has dual speakers, dual noise canceller and dual microphone
Big rotary button to keep your “hands free” as much as possible
Automatic light dimming

Website: http://www.supertooth.net/EN/HD/#page=page-1

Cost: $129.00

Griffin iTrip Auto
Play your iPod or iPhone in your car through your car radio
Charge your iPod or iPhone at the same time
Smartscan will automatically scan to find an available FM frequency to use
You can have pre-sets and track controls
There is a FREE app available on iTune for the iTrip Controller

Website: http://store.griffintechnology.com/itripauto
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