#DailyBeauty: Tibetan Essence Eye Dark Circle Defense

#DailyBeauty: Tibetan Essence Eye Dark Circle Defense

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Parabens and petrochemical free. Proprietary formula for its stimulation and healing power through there root cause treatment philosophy. This high potency and unique formulated cream repairs the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on Instant with long-term multi-tasking benefits for ultimate younger looking skin.

Highly concentrated top protocol of herbal essences collected from the Tibetan high-altitude Mountains,

This combination effectively targets the underlying cause of dark circles, and puffiness, blocks, detoxifies, and traps & transforms harmful free radical molecules from damaging skin cells into regenerative activity which created a binding mechanism that targets the root cause of the problems.

This Eye Dark Circle Defense loosens the blood fragments affecting skin capillaries in the eye area. The product removes any bluish-black discoloration and leaves behind a natural skin color that’s glowing and energetic..

Price: $78.95


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