#DailyBeauty: The HairMax LaserComb

#DailyBeauty: The HairMax LaserComb

#DailyBeauty 7/26

The HairMax LaserComb

HairMax energizes and nourishes the hair follicle by deeply stimulating the root at the cellular level to support healthy hair growth. Treatment is effective, safe, simple, and convenient. Use just three times a week for approx. 10 minutes per treatment.

Stimulates hair follicles, reverses the thinning process, grows denser, fuller healthier hair, improves overall scalp health.

FDA Cleared for Men and Women.
93% of clinical study participants experienced significant hair growth with average increase in hair count
On the market since 2000

Cost 3 models starting at $295
Buy from www.hairmax.com
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