#DailyBeauty: CV Skin Labs

#DailyBeauty: CV Skin Labs

DailyBeauty 7/29
CV Skin Labs

Body Repair Lotion

This luxurious body lotion calms inflammation and delivers long-lasting moisture while leaving behind a radiant glow. Ideal for after-sun dryness and burning, during dry winter months, and to soothe irritation and redness.

What is it? Ultra-soothing, fast-absorbing, deeply hydrating body lotion that replenishes and soothes dry, inflamed skin while immediately restoring radiance. Designed for all skin types. Ideal for dermatitis, eczema, radiation burns, and for soothing irritation from post laser hair removal, waxing and shaving. Skin is left soft and nourished with a healthy glow.

Natural Content: 99.4%
Organic Ingredients: 58.5%
Product Aesthetics: Relieves dry, itchy skin. Moisturizing lotion moves easily over body skin. Leaves skin soft, looking luminous and healthy.
Usage: Use AM and PM on clean skin or as needed.
Size: 6 oz
CosT $36.00

Rescue and Relief Spray.

Advanced Therapy For Burned, Wounded, Irritated Skin

Spray on instant, cooling relief! Soothes itching, burning, irritated and inflamed skin. Guys, this is great on skin after shaving!

What is it? This refreshing, milky emulsion provides deep, hydrating moisture while calming and soothing flushed, sensitive skin. A multitasking formula, it brings instant, cooling relief to itching, burning, irritated, and inflamed skin caused by sun exposure, rosacea, eczema, rashes, laser treatments, chemical peels, shaving, waxing, minor burns, and radiation treatments. 

Natural Content: 99.4%

Organic Ingredients: 84%
Product Aesthetics: Water-thin spray. Very refreshing. Gentle natural cucumber scent. Dries quickly and leaves skin soft and smooth. Provides instant hydrating, cooling and calming benefits.
Usage: Use as needed all over face and body. Store in refrigerator for maximum cooling. Shake well before every use as natural ingredients can separate.
Size: 6 oz
Cost $34.00


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