Boston: Recovering & Taking Away the Good

Boston: Recovering & Taking Away the Good

Jess and Debb begin to heal from their experience at the Boston Marathon.
Boston: Recovering & Taking Away the Good

Words can’t express what happened at the Boston Marathon Finish Line on April 15, 2013. Jess Perry & Debbie Tebbs from Discover Your Happy were here to share their experience and chat about recovering and moving past the events of that day! There were many hard days and still we have our moments where tears can’t be stopped but what they have decided is to focus on the good of that day and try to build upon that. For all the bad that happened that day, there was twice as much good. Good people giving their time, opening their homes, giving blood, rushing to the side of those who were struggling or injured, countless messages and calls from friends, neighbors and family…all of these things counteract the bad things that happen all around us. One of our new sayings is forward & upward.

They love hearing stories of good. People who are trying to better their lives, better their families lives, or those around them. It can be by trying to make your life better by becoming more active and making healthy decisions for your home. Or those who are struggling with any adversity but being positive and pushing through.

Everyone has those heroes and examples in your life. They have some BlendTec Blenders they want to give you. They are looking for men and women both. These can be dads, friends, moms, grandmas, neighbors, sisters, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, children…anyone. Who is a hero in your life? Who is an example of strength and happiness? Those are the examples that get us through Boston…those are the people we want to honor.

Send them your stories to Or go to their website to find out more details. You can also find us on facebook at Discover Your Happy.
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