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Amazing Raw Milk

Leslie Smoot, from Real Foods Market, makes Amazing Raw Milk
xAmazing Raw Milk
Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? How about some raw milk nostalgia.
Here is the recipe from that we shared on The Daily Dish:
1 cup Raw Milk from Redmond Heritage Farms
3-4 drops of Raspberry Chocolate Liquid Stevia
Or try Vanilla Cream or English Toffee or peppermint or valencia orange…
The options are endless and so much fun! This is a great way to enjoy raw milk with a little bit of flavor and a little bit of sweetness.
At Real Foods Market, we believe in the power of nutrition and what it can do for your health, your energy levels and your mental performance. We also believe in the wisdom of eating food that is chemical free. This is why our boutique grocery store offers an amazing collection of nutrient-rich and chemical free foods.
Many our products come straight from our farm where we do things the good old fashioned way. Let's just talk about the milk for a bit.
Raw Milk has more:
- more omega 3's
- more CLA
- more living enzymes
- more beneficial bacteria
This means more nutrients absorbed, assimilated and more easily digested.
The secret to creating such amazing milk is simply this, our cows are raised on their natural diet and they live in a natural habitat. We make sure the milk is free of antibiotics, it is free of hormones and we make sure they are not exposed to anything genetically modified. This adds up to high quality, clean, nutrient-rich raw milk.
Visit the market nearest you:
Real Foods Market – Orem
420 W. 800 N.
Orem, UT
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10am – 7pm
Real Foods Market – Heber
475 W. 910 S.
Heber, UT
Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am – 7pm, Saturday, 10am – 2pm
Real Foods Market – St. George
695 S. 100 W.
St. George, UT

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