All About Red Vines

All About Red Vines

Check out these Red Vines cupcakes and take a licorice quiz!

Michael Kelly from Red Vines talks about the history of Red Vines licorice and gives Nicea and Troy a little quiz. Check out the quiz below to see how well you know your Red Vines!

Take the Red Vines Licorice Quiz!

When you love candy as much as we do here at the American Licorice Company, you soon discover that there’s a whole encyclopedia of facts and history about licorice. We invite you to test your licorice knowledge and take our Red Vines Licorice Quiz:

1. The licorice plant is an herb prized for its roots and it is a member of the ­­­_______ family.

a) pea b) ginger c) anise d) fennel

2. The Greek name for licorice is “Glukurrhiza,” which means "sweet root." The Greeks call it that because the plant extract is ________ than sugar.

a) 2 times sweeter b) 5 times sweeter c) 10 times sweeter d) 30 times sweeter

3. Which famous person had licorice root placed in their tomb?

a) Lenin b) President Ulysses S. Grant c) King Tut d) Mao Tse Tung

4. For centuries, ancient Chinese herbalists prescribed licorice root for many aliments. Which of the following did they NOT use licorice root for?

a) Athlete’s foot fungus b) Tuberculosis c) Stomach Ulcers d) Color blindness

5. Alexander the Great told his troops to carry and chew licorice root in order to allay their ­­­________ during long marches.

a) sore feet b) thirst c) homesickness d) headaches

6. In the olden days, beer makers would add licorice to their brew to give it ____________.

a) a deep rich color b) a sweet taste c) a foamy head d) higher alcohol content

7. Today, licorice is recommended as a healthier treat because it contains almost no_________.

a) fat b) cholesterol c) sodium d) all of the above

8 The makers of Red Vines, the American Licorice Company, is one of the country’s oldest candy makers. The company was founded in 1914. What other historic events occurred that same year?

a) the Panama Canal opened b) World War I started
c) Henry Ford invented the assembly line d) all of the above

9 For his classic film The Gold Rush, silent film star Charlie Chaplin asked the American Licorice Company to create a prop for him made out of licorice, in which his character eventually eats to avoid starvation. What was the prop?

a) a phonograph record b) a baseball mitt c) a shoe d) a hat

10 Black Licorice Twists from the American Licorice Company became a favorite movie going treat beginning in the 1920’s. How much did five Black Licorice Twists cost at the movies back in 1925?

a) a penny b) 2 cents c) a nickel d) a dime

11 A second variety, Red Vines, was introduced in the 1950’s. Initially sales were slow, but eventually red became a much bigger seller than black. Today, the company makes and sells ______ of its Red Vines as it does its Black Licorice Twists.

a) 2 times as many b) 4 times as many c) 10 times as many c) 50 times as many

12 Red Vines are made with wheat, sweeteners and flavors, and then baked. Because they don’t contain preservatives, they can get stale. What’s the best way to make Red Vines soft again?

a) soak in water overnight b) place in direct sun light for 20 minutes
c) microwave for 5-7 seconds d) place in the freezer for 10 minutes

13. In the late 60’s, the American Licorice Company introduced a new variety, “Green Vines,” and the new licorice twist was green. What was its flavor?

a) apple b) lime c) mint d) melon

14. In 1963, the American Licorice Company introduced Red Ropes (now known as Super Ropes), the longest pieces of licorice to hit the market. How long is a Super Rope?

a) 16 inches b) 34 inches c) 60 inches d) 120 inches

15. In 1979, Red Vines first introduced its popular 4-pound clear tub. How many pieces of Red Vines fit into this 4 lb. tub?
a) 50 b) 100 c) 175 d) 225

16. Red Vines have made appearances in many TV shows. Which of the following has Red Vines NOT appeared in?
a) Saturday Night Live b) Friends c) Monk d) The Simpsons

17. In 2006, Red Vines began featuring ____________ submitted by customers and licorice loyalists on its packages.

a) limericks b) photographs c) recipes d) drawings

18. Nearly 500 million Red Vines Twists were consumed last year. If they were all placed end to end, approximately they would

a) stretch the length of the Great Wall of China b) reach from New York to Los Angeles
c) circle the globe 3 times d) reach from earth to the moon

Here’s the answers:
(a) The licorice root plant is a member of the legume family, which includes peas, beans and lentils.
(d) The Glycyrrhizin in licorice root extract is at least 30 times sweeter than sugar (sucrose).
(c) Large quantities of licorice root were found in King Tut’s tomb. It was presumed that he could take the root with him on his journey to the next world and make licorice tea when he got there.
(d) In addition to these other ailments, licorice root has been prescribed to soothe coughs, reduce inflammation, heal ulcers, stomach inflammation, canker sores, cold sores, skin fungus, to treat flu, herpes, and even diabetes and hepatitis.
(b) Alexander the Great he told his troops to carry and chew licorice root in order to reduce their thirst when water was scarce and to give them stamina and endurance.
(c) For centuries licorice was used as an emulsifier to create foam in drinks and alcoholic beverages.
(d) Licorice is one of the best choices for families looking for healthier candy treats.
(d) 1914 was a significant year in history!
(c) The 1925 silent film comedy starred Charlie Chaplin as a Yukon prospector starving in a remote cabin.
(a) A penny bought a lot of good stuff in 1925!
(b)Today in the United Sates, red licorice outsells black licorice 4 to 1.
(c) For Red Vines that may have slightly hardened, microwaving for a few seconds will make them soft and chewy again.
(c) The mint flavored Green Vines were available from 1969 until 1971. Today, in addition to Red Vines and Black Licorice Twists, the American Licorice Company also makes Grape Vines.
(b) Super Ropes are individually wrapped and sold primarily in convenience stores, at concession stands and at
(d) The clear 4 lb. plastic tubs are hand-packed with at least 225 Red Vines in each. The 5 lb. jars each contain a minimum of 280 Red Vines!
(d) Surprisingly, Homer, Marge and Bart have yet to enjoy the fruity chewy goodness of Red Vines.
(d) Every year the annual Red Vines Drawing Contest receives hundreds drawings from Red Vines fans of every age. Six winners are chosen each year to be featured on our packages.
(a) Each Red Vines twist is 8” long. Five hundred million Red Vines placed end to end would reach 1500 miles, the equivalent of the entire length of the Great Wall of China.

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