Sewing making a comeback in tough economic times

SANDY, Utah (ABC4 News) - Some say it's a lost art, but sewing is making a comeback in these tough economic times. Just who is learning to sew may surprise you.
SANDY, Utah (ABC4 News) - Some say it's a lost art but sewing is making a comeback in these tough economic times.  But just who is learning to sew now may surprise you.

"First I made my sewing bag which I've been keeping all my stuff and fabric in."  Breanna Howlett just started sewing a few months ago, and already she's made the outfit she's wearing.  The eight year old says her mom doesn't sew but her grandmother brought over a sewing machine.

"She was going to give us the sewing machines so I didn't want to just have a sewing machine sitting in my house, I'd rather learn to sew so I did the sewing class," Howlett says.

Kirsten Knapp is Breanna's teacher and says the art of sewing may have skipped a generation but it's coming back.

"I think it's becoming a lost art, most of the mother's who send their kids don't sew but their children sew so maybe it's a renewing art," Knapp says.

Along with stitching Hannah Montana nightshirts, skirts and jammies, Knapp says these girls are learning confidence and creativity at an age when it's most important.  Studies say kids learn to sew best between the ages of five and twelve.

"It will stimulate their brain in all areas of their life.  It will help them in their lives with creative problem solving, perseverance, patience and not only that they will have a skill that they can mend their clothes when they grow up," Knapp says.

Breanna is now making a matching outfit for her American Girl doll.  She says sewing class is catching on with all of her friends.  Now the question, will she try to teach her mom?  "I don't really want to, because, oh I don't know!"

Mom might need to take a class.  Many of the girls taking sewing want to be sewing teachers when they grow up.  If you want more information about classes here in Salt Lake County go to sewschool@gmail.com or childrencansew.blogspot.com you can also call 801-898-3039.

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