Trees at Millcreek Gardens

Trees at Millcreek Gardens

LaRene Bautner from Millcreek Gardens talks about all the trees they have that will make your yard beautiful!
LaRene Bautner from Millcreek Gardens says this is a great time to plant trees.

Millcreek Gardens has a wide variety of trees, including Maple Trees.  In fact, they have about 100 varieties.  Japanese Maple trees are tender, so you have to plant them in the right place.  They do need shade in the summer.  Let Millcreek Gardens help you select the perfect spot for your tree.

LaRene also says you need to water your trees, don't rely on the sprinklers to do it for you.  She suggests letting a hose drip overnight.  Or, build a well and let the water soak through at least four times a week.

If you have a question for LaRene, ask it on Millcreek Garden's Facebook Page.  Once a week a question will be chosen.  If it's yours, you will win a gift certificate to Millcreek Gardens.

Millcreek Gardens is located at 3500 South 900 East in Salt Lake City. (801) 487-4131.

They are having a free pancake breakfast on July 4th...from 9:30 until noon (as long as food lasts) so stop in, and say hi!

Speaking of Independence Day, how about planting a rose bush to celebrate.  Roses are the national flower.

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