The Perfect Wife: Competing with pornography

As part of ABC 4 Utah's series on the Perfect Problem, we talk to a panel of women about being the Perfect Wife and the role pornography plays.
As part of ABC 4 Utah's series on women pushing themselves to be perfect, we talk to a panel of twelve women about pornography and how it can pressure a woman to be the Perfect Wife.

The women talk about men who are addicted to pornography, and how that can make their spouses have a negative view of themselves.

And a Harvard study says right now, Utahns subscribe to web-based porn more than any other state in the nation.  And, two-thirds of subscribers are men.

Many women say porn sends them over the edge.  Experts say it can lead to depression, even suicidal thoughts.

We will have more on the pornography issue throughout the day Tuesday on ABC 4 Utah.

You can see view the hour long panel discussion here.

All of our Perfect Problem stories are available at the Perfect Problem section of our site.

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