The Importance of Iron

The Importance of Iron

Most people don't produce enough iron that their bodies need. See why iron supplements can help your health.
Liz McEuen from Pharmics explains the importance of getting enough Iron. See more at
Why is iron important: 

Iron transports oxygen in the blood stream – if you feel tired, run down, pale skin, etc you may be iron deficient – check with your doctor.  When infants are lacking iron developmental delays occur, 80% of an infants iron stores are accumulated in the third trimester. It is important that mom get adequate iron. ADHA has been tied to iron deficiency. 

Who needs iron:

Women, particularly pregnant women, infants, young women, athletes, seniors, vegetarians

What is the solution: Ferretts Iron supplement – Oral tablet, Liquid and chewable, something for everyone!
Benefits:  Ferretts Iron supplement are gentle and non-constipating

Available at your local pharmacy, ask the pharmacist or  find them online at
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