Strong Lash

Strong Lash

Strong Lash is a product developed to assist the eye in lash growth.
Forzea Beauty introduces Strong Lash, a product developed to assist in eye lash growth.

Strong Lash has been formulated by a Personal Care/ Cosmetic Chemist with 25 years experience in the high-end skin care and cosmetics industry.  It does not cause discoloration of the iris, like some other products can.  That's because discoloration of the iris in caused by a non-FDA approved ingredient class, sometimes referred to as Prostaglandins.  Strong Lash does not contain Prostaglandins.  The ingredients in Strong Lash are all pharmaceutical grade and have been tested to ensure total safety.  It is totally safe even for pregnant or nursing mothers.

So in addition to growing new eyelashes, Strong Lash will help minimize the loss of eye lashes.  It has special ingredients combined in a certain way so that when the formula is applied between the eyelash and the eyelid base, it makes its way to the hair bulb, and provides optimum nutritional support and strengthening of the eyelash.  That's why they are stronger and become greater in diameter.

There is a lot of science behind Strong Lash.  There are some amazing new technologies that were developed in Europe that are used specifically for eyelash growth.  The scientists combined three different new technologies in this product to make it work so well.  And, best of all.. you don't need a prescription for it.  It works like a prescription product, but you don't have to get it from a doctor.

Strong Lash should be applied two times per day for maximum effect.  After applying Strong Lash, wait for approximately five minutes before applying your makeup.  It just needs a little bit of time to dry. 

You can buy Strong Lash at your local hair salon, or if they don't carry it, go directly to the Strong Lash Website.  GTU viewers can get $50 off their purchase with this code "Good50".
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