Raw Chocolate Truffle

Raw Chocolate Truffle

Ian Brandt, from Sage's Cafe, Vertical Diner and Cali's Natural Foods, makes Raw Chocolate Truffle
Raw Chocolate Truffle
(makes 24-36 truffles)

1 cup  raw cocoa powder
2 cup raw cashew flour
¾ cup  agave nectar
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp vanilla bean

In food processor:
-process cashews into powder
-prepare vanilla bean

In mixing bowl:
-mix all ingredients in mixing bowl till even consistency

Next Step:
-refrigerate truffle mixture for 30 minutes
-portion truffle mixture into 1 Tablespoon amounts
-dip the portioned amounts in raw cocoa powder
-ball the truffle
-dip truffle in raw cocoa powder again to dust the outside
-serve with seasonal fruits

Artist Interpretation:
-put a dried cranberry or cherry inside the truffle
-add a pinch of cinnamon and cayenne to the recipe for a Mayan version
-add Szechuan chili for a unique clove and pepper pungent punch


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