Pin of the Week

Pin of the Week

Shyloh has great ideas for back-to-school teacher gifts.
Pin of the Week

Awesome Teacher Gift Ideas!

We all know that first impressions are important, and I will do ANYTHING to try to give my kids an advantage with their teacher. I like to get in on their good side before they realize what they have gotten into having a Belnap in their classroom!

This is the pin I chose this week:

It outlines 20 fabulous teacher gifts, and I have chosen to highlight just a few. Check out my blog for directions and some printables that you can print off to make these gifts in a jiffy!

A bunch of Smarties: Fun plastic canister filled with smarties and the cute printable Terrific Teacher + Super Students = A Bunch of Smarties!

I was “mint” to be in your class: This fun printable allows you to enter the name of your teacher making this totally custom! You just print it off and wrap it around some Junior Mints!

What I like most about my Classroom printable: Super easy! Just download, print this at a 1 hour photo and throw it in a cute frame! I chose a smaller frame just because I know how cluttered a teachers desk can become!

Teachers Plant Seeds of Knowledge that will grow forever! I think a fun plant always livens a classroom! I chose to use succulents because the maintenance on them is so easy.

I am soda-lighted you’re my teacher: Attach this cute tag to a 6 pack of diet coke and you will have a fan in your child’s teacher forever!

Thank you for quenching my child’s thirst for knowledge: I got these cute cups at Walmart. 2 for $8! You can add a little Crystal Light packet (I think you should use Crystal Light ENERGY) if you would like to. This printable comes with the option of a big tag or one you can just put on the straw.

First Day of School Survival Kit: I just got a small craft box from Walmart... $2.50! I filled it with a few goodies and items the teacher might find helpful and fun!

If I can give you a hand: I got some fun Apple (heehee) hand soap and attached this cute tag so the teacher would know my phone number to call if she needs help right away. I think this would also work on a BIG bottle of hand sanitizer that she can use in the classroom for all the kids. Hand lotion would be great to!

I’m looking forward to a “Souper” year: Attach this printable to a bag of nice soup and your teacher will have a quick lunch on hand if she ever needs it!
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