"Milk and Cookie Disease"

"Milk and Cookie Disease"

Milk and Cookie Disease was discovered by a Kansas City physician. That is when health problems are caused by a child's diet. Families First Pediatrics weighs in on the recent findings.
Dr. Julie Wei, a Kansas City Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist has discovered a condition she calls "Milk and Cookie Disease".  She's linking serious health problems to the tightly scheduled lives of American children packed with school, sports and other activities.

Symptoms include a chronic stuffy nose, sore throat, recurrent croup and fatigue.  It is brought on by nighttime eating habits, especially when kids drink a lot of milk before bed and eat a lot of sugar throughout the day.

We asked Dallen Ormond, N.P. from Families First Pediatrics to weigh in on the "Milk and Cookie Disease".  He says it is interesting to him, but he's got a lot of questions about it.  However, he says eating habits of kids are affecting their sleep and their health.

He says it is difficult to feed a toddler, and it takes a lot of time.  So many parents reach for milk to fill them up.  But too much milk is a bad idea.  Ormond says he sees many toddlers still taking in larges quantities of milk 30+ ounces a day.. that's 600 calories... and that's too much.  It can also lead to constipation.

Ormond says in addition toddlers are learning that the only food they want to eat are ones that taste good... french fries, mac and cheese and chicken nuggets.

Ormond says he still believes in that old-fashioned food pyramid.  The base was whole grains, fruits and veggies.

He says try to keep dinner hour early in the evening and if kids snack later, it is best to have them snack on fruits and vegetables.

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