Matthew's Makeovers

Matthew's Makeovers

Would you like Matthew Landis to give you a new you with a new do? Now is your chance!
Would you like to have Matthew Landis give you a new you with a new do? Well now is your chance!!

Keep in mind, this is a new look, a makeover, you need to let Matthew do what Matthew does. He is not doing a maintenance on your hair, he is giving you a makeover. You need to agree to let Matthew create the hair style and color he believes will be the perfect look for you. (you will also need to be available to come on Good Things Utah after your makeover).

Please email us the following information about yourself along with attaching your photo… send to: in the subject line please write: "Matthew's Makeover"

1. Name:
2. Phone number(s): (day and night)
3. Describe you hair texture: (thin, thick, wavy, curly, straight, etc.)
4. Describe your usual hair care routine: (do you use a flat iron, do you curl, straighten, condition, color, or just pull back in a ponytail)
5. What, if any, are concerns you have about your hair:

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