Jungle Jumparoo

Jungle Jumparoo

This is a safe, fun and easily accessible jumping option for kids to build cardio and stay healthy.
One in three kids in the United states are obese or overweight and 80 percent of those children continue to be throughout adulthood.

NASA did a study that found ten minutes of jumping equals 33 minutes of running.

Jumping is great for cardio and detoxes at the peak of the jump when the g-forces are zero, it squeezes the toxins out of cells.  Jumping can also improve circulation, is low impact and increases endorphin or "happy" levels!  This is where the term "jumping for joy" comes from.

Kids need safe, fun and easily accessible jumping options to build cardio and stay healthy.

That's where the Jungle Jumparoo comes in.  This toy is a kid magnet and kids will play on it for hours.  It's safer than a trampoline and can be used inside or outdoors.

In June only, you can get 50 percent off on Kickstarter.  Just go to Jungle Jumparoo.

Jungle Jumparoo is going to be at Liberty Park Monday, June 17th from 4:00 - 7:00 p.m.  You're invited to go check it out!
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