Hiding Blemishes

Hiding Blemishes

Whether it's a pimple or a scar, we all have those areas on our skin we just want to hide! Makeup artist Bobbi Farnworth shows us how to conceal blemishes.
Makeup artist Bobbi Farnworth talks about hiding those skin imperfections we all have.  Whether it's a zit, a blemish or a scar, these tips will help you make your face ready for foundation!

Bobbi recommends using a concealer that is just a little bit lighter than your skin color.  Use a brush to pat it over the mark you want to cover.  Then, use a little bit darker color of concealer and put that right in the middle.  Then,, she says to use a sponge to pat it in.

Now you are ready to put your foundation then powder on.

Bobbi says don't forget about a finishing spray!

And, she says if you feel like you're shiny over the course of the day, don't re-apply makeup.  Instead, she recommends using a blotting pad to get rid of the shine.

If you'd like more tips, please visit Bobbi's website.
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