Hapari Swimwear Tent Sale

Hapari Swimwear Tent Sale

Now is actually a great time to pick up Hapari Swimwear for a great price!
It may be October, but it's the perfect time to think swimsuits! The Hapari Tent Sale starts today, a giant sale, today, tomorrow and saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. All the tops are $10. all the bottoms are $5. That's a great deal.

Susan from Hapari gave us some helpful tips for a successfull shopping spreee, she says, "Know your size, there's no place for dressing rooms. The tent sale is packed. There's no place to try anything on." Also, when picking out your sizes, go by your shirt size for the top and same with your bottoms. She adds, "If you are a small in your shirt, definitely go a small, sometimes even extra small. It kind of depends on even maybe your chest size."

Besides the tent sale, everything inside the store is 30% off and you can also save with on-line orders, ese code FALL30 at checkout.

Make this a girlfriend day out, come without the kiddies, they encourage you to leave the children home and with the very limited space strollers will not be allowed.  Another tip she added was to bring cash, they do accept credit cards, but anticapte a line for credit, cash will get you in and out the door faster.

There will be different prints and style tops. it's really just great bathing suits either way. the great thing about Hapari is they will always offer, the tummy tuck bottom,  and there are three ways to adjust most all the backs on Hapari Swimsuits.  You don't always have to have a halter. It can be worn different ways. as well as the ability to have silicone inserts in little secret pockets. in every single top that you can put silicone inserts.

So while it may not seem like time for a dip in the pool, it is definately time to think swimwear at Hapari.
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