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Handy Gal Tips: Easter

From Peeps to eggs, here are handy gal tips for Easter leftovers.
1. Recycle Plastic Easter Eggs
a. they become a great container for your little one's treat, simple to use for snacks on the go
b. the can become an egg hunt in the dark! Take a glow bracelet, snap, roll up and stick it inside the pastel plastic eggs… kids can hunt in the dark!

2. Peep Brulee: just like toasting marshmellows only use a Peep… the sugar will crystalize around the marshmellow inside! (kids like watching the Peep's eyes float around!)

1. Peel and egg, tap pointy end of egg on counter and peel a hole about the size of a quarter… tap the big end and peel a bigger hole. Grasp the egg firmly in your hand with pointy end peeking out between your thumb and index finger, now place your mouth near pointy end and blow… use your other hand to catch the egg as it flies out of it's shell.
2. Peep Fondue: melt some of your chocolate bunnies, or carmel, or whatever you want to use… dip your Peeps in the "fondue" goo

1. Easter is all about pastel colors… and so are baby showers. Keep your Easter baskets and use them for baby shower décor or gifting ideas, perfect for small baby gift containers, Easter grass is also a great way to store fragile items.
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