Handy Gal & Guy Tips

Handy Gal & Guy Tips

Here are some tips for household products you have around the house right now.
Handy Gal (and Guy )Tips -

Helpful uses for a sponge
1. Someone have a fever or headache? Dampen with cold water and place in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes and use as a cold compress on forehead
2. Pedicure and you don't have toe seperators, cut up a sponge and place between your toes
3. Help keep soil and water from escaping your terra cotta pots, cut a small piece of sponge just a little bit bigger than the hole at the bottom of the pot and carefully add potting soil in, the sponge will keep the soil in and help some of the excess water from running out

Tips to open a tightly sealed jar when you don't have a man around the house….
1. rubber band: twist the rubber band around the jar lid, the rubber will help give you a solid grasp on the lid making it easier to twist, helpful tip the thicker the rubber band the easier the grip
2. using rubber drawer liner also works similar to the rubber bands.
3. take a butter knife, stick it in the space where the jar meets the lid and gently pry the lid awar until you hear the air pressure seal "pop" now your lid will be easier to remove

Helpful uses for dried spaghetti
1. Need to light a bunch of candles and you don't have a long necked lighter or match, a dried spaghetti works just as well
2. Book mark a page in a cookbook
3. Out of toothpicks or bamboo picks, use spaghetti to spear your cold hors d'oeuvres

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