Do The Right Thing August Winner

Do The Right Thing August Winner

Meet Donna, the winner of Do The Right Thing for the month of August!
Today we wanted to celebrate someone in the community who is doing the right thing! Donna and her family joined us on the show. Her daughter nominated her earlier this month, here is her story.

"This cute and loving little lady will be 90 this October. She and her husband (95) have been married for 64 years. They are in excellent health and still enjoy dancing and are very active. Donna has been a mother and caretaker of many. Always a "baby lover",

Donna was unable to have but only 2 children of her own due to the unknown complications of the RH blood factor in those days. She experienced heart ache with several still births, miscarriages etc. She then decided to become a foster home for newborns

Back in the days when there was a surplus of babies and no one to adopt them. I believe she had 30-35 newborns come into her home for up to a year at a time. Sometimes she would have 3 newborns all at the same time!!! This all back in the days of no disposable diapers and hard to prepare formula. She was a saint to all these kids right up until she decided to adopt one of them for herself.

Past the "baby" days, Donna has counseled many troubled teens, and others who were co-workers or acquaintances. She is "mom" to many. Outliving many of her friends and family, she has accepted the opportunity to care for many elderly right up through their last moments. Perhaps her amazing energy and concern for others is what has kept her so "young" these 89 years. Humble and she is never concerned for herself and that is what makes Donna so special to so many. She never quits giving to others."

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