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Cup Holders

It's warming up and that means kids will be constantly drinking. Crafter Shyloh Belnap shows us cup holders that will keep moms sane.
'Summer is coming and there is nothing that makes me more crazy than having a zillion cups all over my house! This is a fun and inexpensive way to store your cups by the sink so you wont have to dishes over and over! Another idea is to put this in your bathroom so each person has their own cup and toothbrush available!

Items needed:
Pictures of everyone in your family. I got our pictures taken at CAMERA SHY and just printed them on my computer at home on regular paper!
1 4-inch tile for each member of your family. (I got plain white ceramic tile from Home Depot.... only $.16 each)!
1x6 board that is long enough for your tile (I got one board for $4.30 and they cut it to the size I needed for free!)
Enviro-Tex Lite
Black Paint
2 pieces of 12x12 Cardstock (I used Teresa Collins Vintage Finds: Orange Damask paper)
Outdoor Mod Podge (so it is water proof!)
(4) 1" wooden beads
E6000 or any other strong glue

1. Print and cut each of your pictures to fit on the tiles. I sprayed my pictures with a sealer first just in case the Enviro-Tex would make them run. I later got lazy and did not use the sealer, it worked just fine for me!
2. Follow the instructions on the Enviro-Text to mix solution and pour then spread evenly over your tile and picture. You could glue your pic in place with a glue stick. I just held mine down with a popsicle stick while I poured! You will want to babysit the tiles for awhile because the edges like to lift. No biggie! You can just press them down with a popsicle stick.
3. Next you will work on your board. First, paint it black.
4. Mod Podge desired paper on the top.
5. Glue the tiles to the board and add the 1" beads to the bottom as "feet"

For more of Shyloh's great ideas, visit: A Page 4 All Seasons Blogspot.
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