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Cry Baby Mascara

Cray Baby semi-permanent mascara colors, lengthens, thickens and holds curl to your eyelash.
Cry BabyTM semi-permanent mascara, colors, lengthens, thickens and holds curl to your eyelash. This amazing eyelash coating takes only 30 minutes (or less) to apply and looks and feels just like your favorite mascara but it lasts 2 weeks. It is 100% waterproof, smear-proof and will never run, REALLY.

Imagine waking up with lashes that are curled and have gorgeous thick color. You can swim, sweat and even cry and still look fabulous. No more black smears under your eyes.

The beauty of Cry Baby is that it is custom-mixed and custom applied by the professional. If the client wants a light, more natural look - they can have it. If they want a more full, glamorous look, they can have it. Either way, it will look like their favorite mascara; only it won't run, smudge or smear - for at least 2 weeks!

To find a salon near you, visit: Cry Baby Mascara.
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