Crafts that Teach Kids

Crafts that Teach Kids

Shyloh Belnap shows us how crafting can motivate kids to work. Look at her fun projects for your family!
Lucky Mom Lotto Card:
These cards are fun to make as prizes for your kids. You can make them do "extra" things around the house to earn a prize.

I went to Camera Shy (in Lehi) and they took this picture of me holding a big frame. I then used photoshop to crop out the square where the frame was so it would be white.

Using a sharpie marker, write in what you would like to have your prize be.

Using 2 parts metallic paint to 1 part dish soap, paint a square of paint on a piece of contact paper. Let dry and re-paint as needed for coverage.

Cut the contact paper to the size of the square on your picture. Now it is ready to be scratched off!

Mom Bucks:
I am always losing the money I have to pay my kids. Or, I don't have the money handy when I need to pay them. I love using mom bucks because I am always able to follow through on payment but I don't have to have giant stacks on $1 bills in the house all the time.

I used a picture from Camera Shy and used my oval marquee tool in photoshop elements to crop it into an oval. I have attached a template to my blog where you can print off the mom bucks and use your own picture on them (you could just glue it on) I put a big B on mine but took them off for the blog since you probably don't have a last name starting with B!

Chore Jars:
I wanted the color on my candlesticks to show through as being white so I painted each wooden candlestick with a coat of white paint first.

I then applied Vaseline to the areas I wanted to have the white show through.

Paint the top coat you would like. I used blue paint.

Sand the Candlestick with sand paper and the white will show through effortlessly. LOVE easy distressing!

Glue a wooden 4" disk (painted blue) to the top of your candlestick. Glue the glass jar to the top of the wooden disk. I used E6000 glue. I then tied ribbons and a tag with a picture of my kids (love that I can print Camera Shy pictures to any size) to each jar. One jar got a tag that simply says "done".
I used 3 different colored sharpie markers (one color per child) and wrote various chores on them. At the beginning of the day, I put their chores in their jar. When they are done, they can put that stick in the "done" jar. I will know at the end of the day how much I owe each child based on what sticks for each child are in the "done jar". A fun, cute way to get your kids motivated! Use mom bucks to pay them right away or allow them a lotto ticket for every 3 days they do every single chore. The ideas are limitless!

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