Breast Cancer Awareness: Survivor Strength

Breast Cancer Awareness: Survivor Strength

Dana Geddes is a breast cancer survivor and she's sharing her story and strength with other women.
Dana Geddes is a breast cancer survivor who is sharing her story and her strength with other Utah women.

She says her mom is also a survivor, but watching her mom go through breast cancer made her very aware of it.  She says she started doing self checks twenty years ago, but stopped because she was constantly living in fear of finding cancer.  She wants women to know that self exams are not about finding cancer, they are about noticing small difference is their breasts.

She found out she had breast cancer after her husband felt something different in her breast.  In fact, it is important for partners to know a woman's breast well, so if there is an abnormality, they will recognize it.  It is not uncommon for partners to be the ones to first notice something is wrong.

Dana went through treatment, and says she got through because of the support of family and friends who were there for her every step of the way.

Dana says the most important thing friends and family members can do is offer to do housework run errands and take care of children while a person is going through it.  She says the people in her lives that did those things will forever be her angels.

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