Blue Marlin Mango Roll

Blue Marlin Mango Roll

Chef Thomas Ontko from Ichiban shows us how to make a Blue Marlin Mango Roll.
Blue Marlin Mango Roll

2 tempura shrimp
1 cup sushi rice cooked and seasoned
1 half sheet of nori
4 oz Blue marlin
½ mango, peeled
½ avocado
Unagi Sauce (sweet Soy Sauce)
Spicy Aioli
Tempura shrimp On the inside, rolled inside out ( rice on the outside )
layered on top is thin slices of mango, avocado and Blue Marlin
Topped with little spicy aioli and Unagi

Garnish with wasabi and pickled ginger

Ichiban is located at 336 South 400 East in Salt Lake City. (801) 532-7522.  For more information, please visit:

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