Beauty Operator Matthew Landis shows us a few different styles of bangs.
Beauty Operator Matthew Landis shows us a few different styles of bangs.

Of course he doesn't recommend people cut bangs at home, but he knows people are going to anyway.. so here's his advice:

1. Make sure you have the right scissors for cutting hair.
2. Dry the bangs straight and falling consistently across your forehead. Get those cowlicks (yes, it's really called a cow-lick) dried or ironed out.
3. Do not pull on the hair. Gently hold it in place if necessary. Tension on the hair will cause it to bounce up like an elastic band and you don't want that.
4. Take small snips in a vertical fashion until the desired effect is achieved.

Note: For side-swept bangs, we usually cut the bangs into a triangle shape with the longest piece in the middle touching the tips of the nose and the shortest part of the bags on the sides to your cheekbones.

If you're interested in Matthew doing a makeover on you please email the following information to "" and in the subject line please write "Matthew's Makeover".

1. Name:
2. Phone number(s): (day and night)
3. Describe you hair texture: (thin, thick, wavy, curly, straight, etc.)
4. Describe your usual hair care routine: (do you use a flat iron, do you curl, straighten, condition, color, or just pull back in a ponytail)
5. What, if any, are concerns you have about your hair:

You can contact Matthew at Image Studios SLC, 1850 South 300 West, Suite C in Salt Lake City.  (801) 755-2392.
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