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At Your Leisure

Chad Booth and Ria Rossi talk about the upcoming episode of At Your Leisure on ABC 4 Utah.
FlyfFlyboard Adventure
The newest watersport puts you above the water like you're flying.
Steve and Alisha went out and learned how to Flyboard, showing that it's actually very easy to do and extremely thrilling.
The Flyboard is a simple mechanism attached to a personal watercraft. The water pushes out of the bottom and thrusts you into the air.
You can now rent Flyboards and go through all the training right here in Utah at Jordanelle Reservoir and Deer Creek Reservoir.

Lake Powell Houseboat Giveaway
 At Your Leisure is doing it again! Next week you can sign up to win the AYL/Antelope Point Houseboat Vacation!
This is the trip of a lifetime and you can win it courtesy of At Your Leisure and Antelope Point Marina.
You'll be able to sign up starting next week at select AYL sponsors and in July you'll be able to sign up online too.
The prize will be given away at the end of July.

Watch At Your Leisure Saturdays at 10:30 p.m. immediately following ABC 4 Utah News.  It is also on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. on ABC 4.

For more information, please visit: At Your Leisure.
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