100 Years Young

100 Years Young

Ina Seely Morgan turned 100 years old on Wednesday and she came to GTU to share some of her secrets of longevity.
Ina Seely Morgan turns 100 years old on Wednesday and she shared some of her secrets to longevity on GTU.

Ina has been to the Ute Stampede every single year since the rodeo started... and so this year, on Friday, July 12th.. she celebrated her birthday there.   To commemorate the event 120 of her nearest and dearest friends and family joined her there in the grandstand.

Ina doesn't need glasses and her hearing is good.  She credits her long life partially to genes, but mostly to how she's lived.

She says she gets enough sleep, plenty of exercise and tries to eat healthy every day.  She doesn't smoke, drink or take drugs.

She says she has good friends.. and knows that anger is bad for her health.

Ina has kept her mind busy her whole life, working for years as a business manager... and she still balances sixteen bank accounts!

Happy Birthday Ina!

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