Summer Fashion Essentials

Summer Fashion Essentials

Stylist Jen Clyde shows us some of her fave summer must-haves.
Style Jen Clyde talks about summer style essentials.  Here is her blog:

It's hot in here and I am excited to take SOME clothes off. Not all! Lol. So I thought why not do a show on ABC4 Utah today about fun essentials pieces that I get to just throw on and go. I love to wear those summer little dresses with some fun sandals and I love to grab my big beach bag and just go! I also love a little sporty to my summer looks because I feel like you really get a bit sporty in the summer time. You have to look like a beach babe but that kick butt at volleyball if asked to play...(if you get what I mean)! So grab some of my must haves for summer and have fun and travel safe in the sun in style.

1. Little dress: To cover up the swimsuit or to just throw on for a evening dinner with your hubby. This is a effortless look you want to wear all around town. Dress it up with wedges or go preppy with some flats. Either way I love and must have many little t shirt dresses. Stripes or plain are all good just make sure it's cotton and easy.
2. Flow away pants: It's summer time. Grab your best hippy flowy pants or your flare jeans because now is the time to rock these. At a summer night concert with your favorite t shirt or just a blouse either way it's like a Drew Barrymore moment you don't want to miss at summer time.
3. The OverAlls: Yes I said it! Something you can rock with a tank top to bring back those good old 90s that you know and love. I love it with some basic flip flops or some wedge sneakers to add some funk. Either way yes they are back and yes they are comfy! Rock em.
4. Over Sized Sunnies: Don't leave home without them. Your wrinkles will thank you later in life. And your sun spots will go far away. So grab some chicness and some shades and rock them like no other. I love mine at the baseball games I have to sit at all summer long with two sons in travel leagues and this is so I don't have to cake on as much sunscreen because now the sunglasses cover half of my face. So go big or go home in that case! Telling all sports mamas the bigger the better in sunglasses style.

You can find all sorts of fun fashion inspirations and fun giveaways on Jen's Fashion Blog all year long. Also follow her on Instagram under Jenstyles and Facebook under Jen Clyde stylist. Happy summer shopping.

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