Plagiocephaly or "Flat Heads" in Babies

Plagiocephaly or "Flat Heads" in Babies

Brianne brought Baby Stella to GTU Wednesday to talk to a doctor from Families First Pediatrics about Plagiocephaly or "Flat Heads" in babies.
Dr. Matthew "Toby" Cox from Families First Pediatrics talked with Brianne about a condition called Plagiocephaly or "Flat Heads" in babies.

Since initiating the "back to sleep" campaign, doctors say they are seeing more babies with flat heads.  That's because babies are sleeping on their backs.

Your doctor can distinguish this from a more serious condition called craniosynatosis.

Plagiocephaly is really a cosmetic issue, the vast majority of kids will not have any significant medical problems from it.

It usually peaks around four to six months of age, and can be worse for children with torticollis.

For most children it improves spontaneously over time, but some may require helmet therapy.  Your pediatrician can refer you to a specialist if needed.

Families First Pediatrics has two locations: 1268 West South Jordan Parkway in South Jordan,  (801) 254-9700 and 13242 South 5600 West in Herriman, (801) 987-8541.  For more information, please visit:
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