Journey of Promise

Journey of Promise

Utah author Vicki Hall talks about her new book "Journey of Promise".
Vickie Hall's second novel, "Journey of Promise," is the sequel to 2011's "All That Was Promised" and is now available in bookstores and on, and

"These stories are based on the journals of my great-great grandparents," said Hall of her books. "They've really helped me bring my characters to life and give the stories an authentic flavor."

Richard and Leah Kenyon, along with family and friends, immigrate to Zion in 1849 leaving their beloved homeland of Wales. With great sacrifice and faith they prepare for their journey, but are unsuspecting of the exacting toll asked of the Atlantic Ocean and the mighty Mississippi.

"The thing that's great about this story is that it's relatable," Hall said. "We all face difficulties and hardships in our lives. I think faith plays a big part in how we conquer those challenges."

"Journey of Promise" explores the depths of commitment and love, especially when faced with life-altering events.

Hall hopes her new book will inspire readers with a faith-promoting story of struggle and triumph.
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