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Coming Up Wednesday at 9

Coming up Wednesday at 9 on Good Things Utah... we'll show you how to capture the "ooh" and "ahh" moments at fireworks shows.
Coming up Wednesday at 9 on Good Things Utah... capturing a great shot at the fireworks show is hard to do... until now.  We've found a local photographer who has mastered it... she'll share tips to get the "ooh" and "ahh" moments of fireworks.

Also,  E Cigarettes are marketed to be a safe alternative to smoking.  But, are they?  And, just how safe are they to be around.. especially for kids?  We'll have answers.

Plus, a medical condition many of us struggle with... reflux... what can you do to fight back?  We'll show you!

Chef Tom is in the kitchen with a Fresh and Easy recipe for Cucumber Sandwiches!

And, don't forget it's What's Up? Wednesday!  We'll be reading your shout-outs on the show at 9!
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