Coming Up Monday at 9

Coming Up Monday at 9

Coming up Monday at 9 on Good Things Utah... West High students are taking part in a national cooking competition.
Coming up Monday at 9 on Good Things Utah... there are "top chefs" in this group.... West High students are going to a national cooking competition and a lot of money is at stake for the winners!  We will preview the dishes they will be serving up!

Also, the University of Utah Theater Department's newest production... "Spring Awakening".  We'll have a sneak peek.

Plus, we're talking about a condition that is common in women of childbearing years.  It's called irritable bowel syndrome... and we'll talk symptoms and treatments.

And.. a Utah man has been diagnosed with cancer, but that's not stopping him from trying to live his dream... being in the Ironman Competition.  We will talk to him.

We're in the kitchen with SouthWest Cantina for Shrimp Tacos!

We hope you join us at 9!
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