Wesley Ruff - Baseball should have let Murphy in

Wesley Ruff - Baseball should have let Murphy in

Dale Murphy belongs in the Hall of Fame, this year more than ever.
No one got enough votes to get into the baseball Hall of Fame this year. Not Bonds, not Clemens, not Sosa. Sadly, not even Dale Murphy.

I have no problem with them keeping out the guys who used steroids. They cheated. End of story. Their numbers are inflated. They don't deserve to be in the Hall, at least not right now.

But if you're going to keep out great players because of their lack of character, why not put Murphy in to send a message, because he is all about character.

His numbers are good enough to support his election. 2-time MVP, 7-time all-star, 5 Gold Glove awards. He dominated the 80's.

But beyond the numbers, he did it the right way. He came to work every day, played hard, and did the right things. Always. He was baseball's Mr. Clean.

This would have been the perfect time to put him in the Hall. Keep Bonds, Sosa et al out, and elect a guy who personifies what being a good guy is all about. It would have been perfect. Baseball blew it. 
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