Rape. Humiliation. Cover-up. The youth of the nation?

Rape. Humiliation. Cover-up. The youth of the nation?

A disturbing night of partying continues to go WAY TOO FAR... but nothing is being done.
This is all happening in Steubenville, Ohio. Actually, it’s been happening there since last summer… but it’s getting a lot more media attention now thanks to the hackers known as “Anonymous.”

Basically, a 16 year old girl was allegedly gang raped as her peers stood around and did nothing. Oh, wait… they did something… they documented the whole thing on social media! Anonymous realized the case was at a standstill, so they hacked the computers of some of the suspects friends, and pulled up the video you’ll see in the link below.

Here is a link to an article written by the website Deadspin. It’s the most condensed version of this story I was able to find, that still covers most of the info. A warning though… it is VERY DISTURBING.

I honestly don’t know what bothers me the most. The fact that this happened, the fact that other kids at the party didn’t step in, or the fact that one of the suspect’s friends joked on and on for 12 minutes that the little girl was “dead,” “getting raped,” and “getting urinated on.”

All of it… every single bit of it… is beyond wrong. Now, the parents and coaches are trying to cover up the crime? Not punish these kids who attacked this girl or just stood around and did nothing?

It brings up a powerful question for me… several actually. Is our youth going in a horrible direction? Or, has this always happened, but now the social media is bringing this atrocious behavior to light? Is anyone else bothered by how much these kids could care less about a person’s life? Where does the fault lie? With the parents? And what kind of punishment should all these kids face? Not just the two who brutally attacked and urinated on this poor girl… but the kids who took pictures and video of it happening, yet did nothing to help her.

My head is spinning. I feel like I’m trying to make sense of something I’ll never understand. Yet, it feels good to put it out into the universe. The blogosphere is a great thing. Oh… and feel free to give me your thoughts… I’d love to hear someone else ramble!
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