Dana Greene - Does anybody tell the truth anymore?

Dana Greene - Does anybody tell the truth anymore?

What a week for liars and embellishers. First, Lance Armstrong. Now, Manti Te'.
Doesn't anybody tell the truth anymore? Who can we trust now?

If I ever do another story about an athlete losing a loved one, do I now have to ask for a death certificate?

I can't believe this is what the sports world has come to. It seems every story is now about lies and deception.

At least we know what Lance Armstrong had to gain with his lies. He won the Tour de France seven times and made millions of dollars. He also raised millions for cancer research, but only because he cheated.

But what did Manti Te'o have to gain? It's still uncertain whether he helped fabricate his non-existent dead girlfriend, but at the very least, he embellished the story.

Even after coming clean to Notre Dame officials about the hoax, Te'o still talked about the fictitious Lennay Kekua in multiple interviews.

Are we really supposed to believe he had a relationship with a girl for three years and never met her in person? I find that nearly impossible to accept. And why would this Ronaiah Tuiasosopo play the cruelest of all jokes on his former high school teammate? He wasn't trying to extort money from Te'o or blackmail him in any way. He was simply being a prankster? 

I find this all very difficult to believe. But I also can't believe Te'o would be so pathetic as to make up a story about a dead girlfriend in order to gain enough sympathy to win the Heisman Trophy. That would be the behavior of a sociopath. 

After dealing with the Armstrong and Te'o stories this week, I just don't know what to believe anymore -- about anything.
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