Searchers scale back effort to locate elderly man

Searchers scale back effort to locate elderly man

MILLCREEK Utah (ABC 4 News) - The search for an elderly man is scaling back but authorities still hope to find him.
MILLCREEK Utah (ABC4 News) - Authorities are scaling back their efforts to find an 80-year old man who went missing last week.
Despite a massive search over the week-end, there is still no sign of 80 year old Fritz Helland and his dog.

"We have transitioned from asking people to volunteer and search to asking people to check their homes, their sheds, their trailers," says Lt. Justin Hoyal of the Unified Police Department.

Hoyal says Helland likes to go on walks with his dog. They found his cellphone and it appears Wednesday was the last time he made contact with a family member.

On Friday, authorities were contacted by his family.

"His family tells us he has a little bit of problem with short term memory but long term memory it's great," Lt. Hoyal says.

Authorities have searched by air and land. They've searched in animal and homeless shelters in addition to a vast area in Salt Lake County.

"This is a very unique case and we just don't know where he is at," says Lt. Hoyal.

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