Tagger busted after posting on social media

By Marcos Ortiz

Published 08/13 2014 06:10PM

Updated 08/13 2014 06:24PM

WEST VALLEY CITY Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Evidence found on Facebook has lead to the arrest of a young man accused of tagging several businesses with his graffiti.

"This is different than the gang graffiti,” says Lt. Scott Buchanan.

And it's showing up all over Salt Lake County.
The artist goes by the name of "sewar."

In fact, the same person may have tagged the side of a West Valley City business. Owner Albert Ohannessian was aware of his building being tagged.

"It is extremely frustrating to come to work to find out your whole building has been tagged,” says Ohannessian.

The so-called "sewar" work is being called artistic graffiti by police.

“It's more of an artistic expression put in a public place that causes serious damage,” says Buchanan.

But Ohannessian wasn’t in any mood to think of it as art.

"Go put it on paper,” he says. “Stay away from my building.”
Monday, police put a name to "sewar" 21-year old Abraham

Bermudez is now facing multiple counts of graffiti which are third degree felonies.
Police say it was Bermudez's own doing that led to his arrest. After learning his identity police linked his name to the “sewar” on Facebook. There were scores of photos showing pictures of graffiti with the name "sewar."

"A lot of this has to do with getting out there and getting known in the community,” says detective Mike Lynes. “They definitely want their work out there. So they try to hit locations that are a little more risky.”

Luis Delgado knows all about the "sewar" graffiti.
He says his business has been tagged with "sewar" multiple times. He pointed to initials on a pole that Delgado claims belonged to “sewar.”

"This is garbage,” says Delgado. “It is horrible, paint over my customer's car, over my building.”

Now that the so-called "sewar" tagger is behind bars, both Delgado and Ohannessian hope Bermudez will be back.

"It would be nice to see him go back and paint them all back the way they were," says Ohannessian.

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