Burglar gets trapped and arrested in store he broke into

By Don Hudson , Robin Saville

Published 02/12 2014 06:56PM

Updated 02/13 2014 05:53AM

SANDY, UT (ABC 4 Utah) A burglar is busted after getting trapped in the store he had just broken into.

Police say they arrested a would be thief while he was still inside a jewelry store early Wednesday morning. ABC 4 Utah is the only station allowed to go into the Sierra West Jewelry store afterwards to see where he got in and all the damage the thief caused before his arrest.

Tim Branscomb, the President of Sierra West Jewelers says "A person tried to break in through a rental unit attached to the building and crawl through the crawl space." Branscomb showed ABC 4 Utah where the thief came in and how he came in. Then he showed us the surveillance video.

You can see the thief on the showroom floor immediately going to work. First, he breaks into a watch case. In the video you see him quickly move on to a glass case with gold filled and sterling silver pieces. Then his attempted burglary runs into an unexpected roadblock. You see the thief trying, but failing to break into a couple of display cases. Branscomb describes it this way. "He hit this case and tried to get into it, but the shatter proof glass would not give in."

It's at this point the burglary really starts to go bad for the burglar. An alarm was tripped when he broke in. The problem is - the thief couldn't get out. You see him in the video desperately and agressively trying to break the glass and the front door to get out.

Then police began arriving and surrounding the building to prevent any escape. But they couldn't get in and the thief couldn't get out. So, with police outside and the thief inside - you see the thief give up. He gets down on the floor, lights up a cigarette and just waits for what is about to happen. And when the Sierra West manager arrives and lets the police in, the bad luck bandit is arrested without resistance. Branscomb says "All they did was make a mess and get arrested."

Sandy Police say the suspect has been identified as Gene Richins and they charged him with suspicion of burglary.

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