Utahns return from Boston Marathon

By Cristina Rendon

Published 04/16 2013 10:32PM

Updated 04/17 2013 05:55PM

SALT LAKE CITY, (ABC 4 News) - Numerous Utahns who participated as runners or spectators in the Boston Marathon returned home on Monday.

One by one they sported official blue and yellow marathon jackets and medals as they arrived at Salt Lake International Airport.

Marianne Bezzant from Cedar Hills couldn't wait to get back to Utah after the explosions.

“I had worked so hard to go to Boston and to run the Boston Marathon and I didn't want to be anywhere near there,” she said.

Her husband, Shawn Bezzant, was standing on Boylston Street in the blast zone. He said he saw one man get tossed about 15 feet into the air from one explosion.

“By then it was pandemonium,” he said. “I saw one gentleman that had the bottom half of his legs completely blown off. It was a pretty frightening experience.”

Trevor Harris has mixed feelings about the bombings. The South Jordan resident withdrew from the marathon at the last second because of a stress fracture.

“Knowing that I could have been there and that I carded my family out and my six-month- old out and that we very well would have likely been in the area at the time, it’s just surreal,” Harris said.

For so many Utahns the Boston Marathon was on their bucket list and now the experience is tainted.

“The Boston Marathon is going to be known now for this and not what it used to be and it's sad,” Lori Castagnetto from Provo said.

Kim Cahoon from Cedar Hills agreed.

“Most people train for years to try and get there,” she said. “What should have been a day of celebration and joy was turned into a sobering tragedy.”

There were over 350 Utahns registered for the marathon. None have any record injuries from the bombings.

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