Swallow reacts to House investigation

By Cristina Rendon , Marcos Ortiz , Brian Carlson

Published 06/19 2013 09:35PM

Updated 06/20 2013 02:34PM

SALT LAKE CITY, (ABC 4 Utah) – Attorney General John Swallow said he is happy the Utah legislature will begin a formal investigation in the legal and ethical issues surrounding him.

Swallow also said he is relieved lawmakers stopped short of starting the impeachment process on Wednesday after a three hour meeting held by House Republicans.

"I really believe the legislature got it right and I’m looking forward to sharing that information and restoring public trust,” he said.

In the meeting, GOP lawmakers said they were not ready to start the impeachment process because they need more information before they can move forward.

The announcement to form a special committee to investigate Swallow was welcomed by Utah Democrats.

“We are pleased,” Representative Jennifer Seelig said. “They are supporting our position that we stated weeks ago and we’re ready to move forward.”

Seelig said the committee’s investigation needs to be thorough, open and transparent so the public can see what is going on.

Swallow said he is ready to cooperate with the investigation to restore public trust.

A recent BYU study showed Swallow’s favorability is extremely low, but Swallow said he won’t be swayed by public polls.

“What people thin of me is important to me, but in terms of how I act in my office and the things I do, I will let the people judge how I’ve done in three or four years,” he said. 

Swallow called his current situation of investigations a witch hunt by people with an axe to grind.

“When the truth comes out people will know, feel and understand that the person they elected as attorney general is the right man for the job,” he added.

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