Homeowners capture images of Wood Hollow Fire

By Cristina Rendon

Published 06/24 2012 10:41PM

Updated 06/25 2012 02:54AM

SANPETE COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – The Wood Hollow Fire kept raging Sunday night as residents in Sanpete County snapped photos of the growing inferno.

Before mandatory evacuations, Don Despain had a front row seat to the flames. He is a professional photographer who captured images of the fire burning near his home.

“The smoke was just massive,” Despain said. “It was huge.”

The images of flames burning on the hillside are a scary sight for people living near Indianola.

Despain said the fire roars when flames snap up dry cedar trees.

“You can tell when it hits a cedar tree because all of a sudden it just explodes,” Despain said. “You can see lines of flames and then it will hit a new cedar tree and explode 30 or 40 feet high.”

Despain said the valley is completely engulfed in smoke and the canyon isn’t visible anymore.

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